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April 1, 2019 | ADAMVS Estate

Spring Equinox News & the Inaugural Sauvignon Blanc Allocation


Rain-drenched hillsides and silvery, cloud-filled winter skies are making way once again for the birdsongs and brilliant hues of spring here on Howell Mountain. January and February rains brought much-needed hydration throughout the Napa Valley. Temperatures hit rare lows, bringing even the odd snow flurry to our high-elevation site; it was on such an occasion that, despite the cold, we began our pruning practice in the vineyard.


Our quest for quality is galvanized by a nearly obsessive approach to the health and balance of each individual vine. By employing organic and biodynamic farming methods we have committed ourselves to a process that produces a purity of fruit unmatched by the use of conventional applications. We scrutinize every vineyard practice for improvements, and pruning is no exception.


The question of how to prune is one that is in the process of being revolutionized at the world’s top estates. This charge is being led by a team of Italian viticulturists who have spent years researching vineyards in their home country; analyzing practices being passed down generation after generation for hundreds of years and developing a system that promotes the organic growth of the vine, and respect for its natural vascular flow. Simply put, these methods depart rather steeply from “proper” traditional pruning techniques, and yet result in vines with greater longevity, producing higher quality fruit. Our philosophies being thus aligned, ADAMVS has engaged this team from Italy to train our own to continue to leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of the highest quality wine.


There is no wine here more emblematic of the sun’s spring journey across the celestial equator than the ADAMVS Sauvignon Blanc. Made in a rare, age-worthy style, with the vibrant energy of mountain acidity and volcanic minerality, this is a serious wine not to be overshadowed by its cabernet sauvignon brethren. Due to the miniscule production size, we had always limited acquisition of the sauvignon blanc to visits here at the estate. Yet, for the members outside of California, this practice seemed somewhat unfair; and thus we will be releasing a small annual allocation beginning with the 2014 ADAMVS Sauvignon Blanc this spring. Mail list members may expect our email announcing the opening of this inaugural allocation on April 1st.


It is a privilege to share our wines, and our passion with you, and so as always, we extend our gratitude for joining us on this vinous journey.