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March 20, 2016 | ADAMVS Estate

Spring Equinox News

Greetings from Howell Mountain!  As we celebrate the coming of spring and the promise of a new vintage, abundant winter rains quench soils deplete from drought. Green grasses, legumes and mustard adorn the lush landscape, and sheep move into the vine rows to mow the cover crop. The pond and creeks are overflowing here at ADAMVS and the favas are in bloom.


Spring marks the beginning of a vine’s annual growth cycle; with the onset of bud break new life springs forth. Careful pruning during winter months ensures only the finest buds are ready to produce the canes and shoots that will bear fruit. Bud break is our first true glimpse at the coming year and its potential to create a vintage of profound significance.


For many seasons we have been honored to steward this land. Through challenge and prosperity, each new vintage reveals more questions than answers, offers opportunity and growth, and deepens our appreciation for the exquisite wisdom of nature. Wine speaks of history, people, place, important moments and special occasions.  It is the culmination and appreciation of the efforts and passion of so many—years of calloused hands, boots stained red by iron-rich soils, the transfer of knowledge from one to another, and the rigorously enjoyable task of tasting all that a glass of wine reveals.


We hope this letter finds you well and that your travel plans will permit a visit to the estate and an opportunity to participate in the new vintage and growth of our family farm.