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April 1, 2015 | ADAMVS Estate


 As we celebrate the coming of Spring, with all its vibrance and vitality, we pause to share with you news from the Estate.

This past month brought much needed rains and warm weather to Napa Valley; rejuvenating the soils, encouraging new growth and a lush, green landscape. Magnolias are in full bloom, oak trees are leafing, and fields of mustard dominate the Valley. At ADAMVS, while the 2013 and 2014 vintage wines enjoy a quiet repose in the cellar, our cover crops of wild flowers, legumes, clovers and native fescues blanket the vine rows – and pruning only recently commenced.

Pruning is one of the most important decisions we make as farmers each year. It is a process that sets the vine and our crop for this, as well as future vintages. The hand, guiding each cut evaluates and adjusts to a multitude of factors: vine health, age, soil, climate, access to water, vigor, past performance and future promise. No two vines are identical, each having its own personality and response to its care, cultivation and environment. By hand farming, we allow each cane and vine to direct our actions, ensuring its individual and our vineyard’s greatest success. Our location near the top of Howell Mountain favors patience, it is a microclimate that rewards a more conservative and mindful approach.

On the farm, our winter fava bean crop is in full bloom, promising an abundant yield – for our tables, the nourishment of our soils and returning bees. Olive oil has been pressed and bottled and the fig trees are pushing their first leaves. While Chef Gerber works on new recipes for our Spring menu, chicks are weaning from their mothers and ewes and lambs join us to graze among the vines – as Bentley (our faithful golden retriever), guards the flock from the more curious… and perhaps sly of neighbors. 

Our hope is that this message serves as a reminder of your personal connection with a community of farmers, the invigoration Spring brings, and the value your support and encouragement has brought to our family.