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February 13, 2020 | ADAMVS Estate

2020 Spring Equinox

The natural, enchanting beauty of Howell Mountain is unmarred by gray skies and misty days; the sun struggles to illuminate patches of low-hanging clouds, triumphantly breaking through to light up a hillside for one brief moment. There is an energy to this landscape—so lush and green—where trees, plants, lichen, and moss alike seem to grow before our eyes. The vine’s dormancy in no way implies a lack of activity in the vineyard, quite the contrary! This is the time that worms are busy aerating the soil, new life is being generated below the surface and the stage is being set for the vitality of the season. This year as we observe the infancy of the growing season, we are reminded of our beginnings here at ADAMVS. 

In 2008, we embarked upon a journey with this land that would lead to a first vintage of ADAMVS in 2010, the replanting of nearly one third of our twenty-seven acres in 2012, and the establishment of Demeter certified biodynamic farming practices in the same year. In our eighth year of certification we celebrate the many benefits that this highest level of farming bestows upon the land, the soil, the vines, and ultimately the quality of the wine. Biodynamics means paying attention to the balance and health of every individual vine; it means care and concern for every plant, animal, and insect on our farm, and reaping the rewards of our labor-intensive practices in the ‘aliveness’ of the entire 80-acre Estate. 

‘Aliveness’ and ‘freshness’ are two of the most vital characteristics of our wines, particularly in regards to our expression of Sauvignon Blanc. On Tuesday, March 10th, we will open the spring allocation featuring the 2015 ADAMVS Sauvignon Blanc; a wine crafted to age, with aromatic complexity, alluring texture, and the steely minerality that has become the hallmark of our vineyard’s expression of the variety. As in every vintage, the wine was fermented and then aged for nearly two years in French oak, and then bottle aged for an additional two years before release. 

Our hard work and passion are infused with great meaning by your appreciation and support, and for this we are eternally grateful. We hope to welcome you to the farm very soon, and wish you a beautiful spring full of new beginnings!